Catch Up

All stories here are simply catch ups with different Alumni we find on our travels around the world, on Facebook and more often than not visiting Concord College for a trip down memory lane.

Izabela pictured by Concord's 'White Gates' (Formerly the Main Entrance)

Catch Up with Izabela Collares (1999-2000)

Read about a nostalgic first return to Concord for this Alumna!

Posted on: 23 Aug 2018

Alumnus, Calvin Chow (2011-2016) recently visited Concord.

Catch up with Calvin Chow (2011-2016)

How is Calvin finding Cambridge life?

Posted on: 26 Jun 2018

Concord's Attingham Park School Photo, 1979.

Catch up with Gill Hood (1976-1989)

Ever wondered what Concord's Girls' Campus was like? Did you even know there was one?

Posted on: 21 Jun 2018

story image for Emily Megoran (2008-2012) working with Concord Shanghai

Emily Megoran (2008-2012) working with Concord Shanghai

Find out how using her Concord network got Emily and her partner an opportunity to work in Shanghai

Posted on: 19 Apr 2018

story image for On the Road to Self Discovery

On the Road to Self Discovery

Millie Farquhar left Concord College in 2014.  She wrote this story for the school magazine - its a moving story of self discovery following bullying at a previous school.

Posted on: 15 Nov 2017

Alessandro Maiano (2002-2004)

Rising Star Alessandro Maiano (2002-2004)

Concord alumni Ale - the co-founder of Wilbe Ventures

Posted on: 20 Sep 2017