We Need You to Say YES

We now need your consent to communicate and share with you. Please read.

European laws are changing European laws are changing
There are new European wide regulations coming into force in May 2018 which means that unless you have said YES to getting email communications from you - we can't send you email communications! So nothing about events, stories about people in the school the same time as you, business networking opportunities etc.

We continuously strive to only email you about things that we think are relevant to you and of course we don't always get that right, but the whole point of being part of this network is to....network, and the only way we can help you to do this is by sending you emails.

Whilst previously we used to be able to assume that by joining our network you were happy for us to send you emails and use your photographs from the past and present on our Alumni website and on other platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Main School Website, Brochures etc - we now need your permission so we need to you OPT-IN*.

How to Opt-In
  • Please click on your profile picture then click 'Edit Profile.

  • Then click on 'settings'

  • At the bottom of this section click on the pencil symbol next to 'Consent options' and tick as many of the boxes as you freely want (you can change your chioces at any time).

* (please note that If you joined our Alumni Community before May 2018 - before these new laws come into force - we are able to email you for certain things HOWEVER we would prefer to have your permission).

Ideally please update your own consent within your profile settings but if you are not sure - simply click here to fill out this short survey and we will do it for you.

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