Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation

The Anthony Morris Foundation is intended to be a fabulous asset for the College to allow very bright students the opportunity of a Concord Education.

All fundraising campaigns sit beneath the Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation pot.  We hope to raise £10m by 2025 which will
For donations of >£600 please contact call +44 (0)1694 731631 ext 293 (note working days Tues-Thur 9am-3pm). For smaller donations use the links below

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Total target: £1,000,000.00

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Celebrating your Support of the Anthony Morris Foundation

Launching three exciting initiatives to celebrate you and your support

We are excited to announce the launch of three great initiatives which we hope will help to grow the Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation with you by our side - our students, our Alumni, our Trustees, friends and families always at the very heart of the Foundation. 1) Concord College Anthony Morris Founder Donor Wall To officially launch the Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation in 2018 we are creating a Founder Donor Wall in Main Hall where all donations to the Foundation of over £10,000 made before end of November 2017 will be celebrated with a personalised granite tile alongside Tony Morris…

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An Interview with Mr Tony Morris

We were privilaged to have an interview with Mr Tony Morris, Principal at Concord College 1965-2005

You were at Concord College as either teacher or Principal for 40 years – how were the two jobs different and which did you prefer?  I was teacher at Concord for the first ten years of my career then I became Principal in 1975.  I don’t think I liked one job more than the other but I was lucky because I was able to carry on teaching even when I was Principal which, in many Head Teacher roles you just can’t do to the extent I did.  Over the years the teaching side had to get…

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Celebrating You

Founder Donor Wall Campaign: Celebrating donations over £10,000 alongside Tony Morris on our Founder Donor Wall in Main Hall.

Ever Growing Donor Wall Campaign: Celebrating donations over £5,000 made over a lifetime with a plaque on a wall that will grow and grow over the years.

All Donations: irrespective of size will be celebrated in a regular Roll of Honour List published here. We will never disclose the amount of an individual donation.